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Roanoke Centre for Industry & Technology - Site Work

Allegheny was founded in 1963. We are a Class A Heavy/Highway General Contractor licensed in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. We have completed projects such as site preparation for industrial parks, bridges, dams, landfills, highways and interchanges. We have extensive Department of Transportation experience and we have worked with small towns, counties, and cities. We have undertaken sensitive historic restorations as well as more modern and advanced engineering challenges.

Allegheny was awarded the 2006 Ecological Excellence Award for Construction for the Robinson River Restoration Project. The award was sponsored by Pinelands Nursery and the Virginia Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society.

Please enjoy reviewing our site and seeing a few examples of our past work.

To the owner, developer, or engineer -- we hope you will consider us for your next project.

We will gladly offer references upon request.

To the individual -- we are always looking for individuals who will take pride in their work and who are interested in joining our company.


Anderson Wade Douthat, III
  Roanoke, Virginia

    Started Firm 1963
  Virginia Military Institute, 1957
    Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering

  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1958
    Master of Science

  3 years in US Army Corps of Engineers

Anderson Wade Douthat, IV
  Roanoke, Virginia

    Joined Firm 1987
  Virginia Military Institute, 1982
    Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering

  College of William and Mary, 1987
    Master of Business Administration

  3 years in US Army Corps of Engineers

John Watson Douthat
  Roanoke, Virginia

  Vice President,
    Joined Firm 1984
  University of Virginia, 1984
    Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering

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